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The first impression of the HOA is important to all community homeowners, but it is especially telling for prospective buyers of property in the community.  A clean well-maintained, manicured HOA communicates a lot about the board, and the people and homeowners living in the HOA.  It can say the community is well-run or just sliding by, and it can give pause to some about the funding of reserves and competence of management.  Or send a message of community and homeowner pride which likely will translate into value to the buyer and a better price to the seller. 

One of the most prominent and significant investments in an HOA is its paved common areas, namely streets and parking lots. If these are clean and well-maintained, a buyer will appreciate the community and its pride in managing and maintaining a sense of connectedness and neighborliness, which will translate into a higher value and improve the overall aesthetics of the grounds.



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