Protective Seal Coat

A protective seal coat layer helps protect your asphalt pavement from oxidation and everyday wear and tear. Our seal coat applications and asphalt maintenance programs allow property owners and managers to extend the life of their asphalt applications by up to 30 years, saving our customers substantial costs over the lifetime of their investment. Seal coating can also serve as a cost-effective aesthetic improvement giving the asphalt a crisp look. The first few years after a new pavement installation is the best time to apply the first layer of Seal Coat, after which we recommend reapplying every 3-5 years. If you need a seal coating solution for your business or residential community, contact the experts at Forticon.

Seal Coat Asphalt

Crack Fill And Seal Coating

Crackfilling, and seal coating will more than double the life cycle of your concrete pavement, increase curb appeal and provide maximum life. Sealcoating and crack filling are significantly less expensive than repairing or replacing your asphalt. The key to effective crack sealing and filling is to do so while they are still small. When you fill these cracks, they won’t grow any longer, and new cracks won’t be formed
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