Concrete Sitework

curb & gutter &valley gutter


Do you need to repair your concrete because it’s sunken, cracked, or uneven? You may not know this, but there is more to fixing concrete than simply pouring a new concrete batch. Forticon’s team is here to ensure that you get the smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting results you deserve. Our team is skilled and has the experience needed to provide high-quality work that you can depend on. Sidewalks are more than just concrete, and we take all of the necessary steps to ensure extraordinary results for you.

Driveway Approaches

The Driveway Approach is a widened area of right-of-way, between the public street and private property, which provides an easier path for vehicles to enter the private property. The three main portions of the Driveway Approach are the Curb Cut (laydown), Apron, and Driveway Sidewalk Section. Forticon is experienced in constructing long-lasting Driveways for businesses so that your customers can easily access parking lots.


Parking lot curbs are essential for protecting landscaping and preventing erosion. They also help contain water runoff and direct it to catch basins. Remember, curbs can be used for more than just location parking lots. This helps determine edge lines, protect landscape island features, and guide cars down the correct path.

Curb, Gutter and Valley Gutter

The main goal of curb and gutter is to collect the surface runoff from paved roads and parking lots to ensure proper drainage. Due to water accumulation and erosion, a poorly-draining lot or street will lead to rapid asphalt deterioration and compromise its integrity.

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