Rancho Cotati Shopping Center

Our good clients at RV Stich Construction called on us to help them with a 2" grind and pave over 112,800 SF of the parking lot at the Rancho Cotati Shopping Center.

Jobsite Address:

574 E. Cotati Avenue. Cotati, CA 94931

Job Duration:

8 days





"Forticon has completed numerous asphalt paving projects for us over the last 7 years and they are the best paving crew we have ever worked with over the 45 plus years we have been in business here at R.V. Stich Construction.
There are many factors that go into a successful finished asphalt paving job, sub-grade and base rock preparation. Making sure all the grades are correct so the elevations of the finished product drain properly. The correct asphalt batching of material at the plant, staging the trucks properly so the asphalt maintains the correct temperature before it is placed, the inspections during placement along with the weather all contribute to a fairly complicated process which Forticon has successfully completed for us over the years and we highly recommend them,"
Rocky J. Stich
President at R.V. Stich Construction
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