Asphalt Paving Solutions in Bay Area


If you are searching for Asphalt paving solutions in the Bay Area, we are the best in the market. With over 7 years of experience and top of the line crew and equipment we are always ready to serve you with any of your commercial and HOA asphalt projects. Forticon will be happy to provide you with the estimate.

What are benefits of Asphalt paving?

Asphalt is a material used for paving roads and parking lots. It has many advantages over concrete because it provides better traction in rainy weather and improves fuel efficiency by reducing tire rolling resistance.

Asphalt Paving Solutions by Forticon

Forticon is a Bay Area-based paving contractor that has been in business since 2015. We offer services throughout the entire Bay Area and are dedicated to providing quality work.

Asphalt is a material used for paving roads and parking lots.

Asphalt Paving Solutions in Bay Area – Forticon paving services provide innovative solutions to all your asphalt needs. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services available in the industry today. 

Our team consists of highly trained asphalt experts who are capable of handling any project you may have at hand, from small parking lot jobs up to large commercial jobs on city roads. Whether you need us for an emergency situation or just want regular maintenance work done on your business property’s surface area (pavement) we will always meet your expectations because our mission is simple: To provide excellent service at every turn!

Asphalt Paving Solutions in Bay Area

Asphalt Paving Solutions Bay Area

Asphalt is a material used for paving roads and parking lots. It’s also called asphaltic concrete, bituminous concrete, or simply asphalt. It comes in many different forms and can be applied in different ways depending on your desired result.

Forticon’s Asphalt Paving Solutions is a popular choice for asphalt removal because it offers good durability, low maintenance costs and minimal environmental impact.

We use the newest equipment and follow the industry’s best practices in every job we do, whether removing old asphalt or installing new pavement.

Our team of expert professionals can handle any size project with ease, no matter how large or small it may be. We have expertise in paving your parking lot or other areas around your business building or around HOA. If you want quality work done right, then look no further than us at Forticon

At Forticon we exceed expectations for each paving job and have built our reputation on delivering high quality work. We are licensed and certified to perform asphalt paving, seal coating, asphalt patching services, parking lot striping and signage and exterior ADA. Our team takes immense pride in their workmanship and has been doing it for over 7 years!

Our goal is to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind experience by understanding your needs as well as being able to give you accurate estimates based on type of project (small vs large) as well as how much time it will take us to complete the job(s).

Get the most reliable asphalt contractors working on your paving project today by calling us at (510) 328-3230.

We are your best choice for asphalt removal services in the Bay Area. Our team of experts will help you to create and maintain your parking lot, city roads or HOA asphalt properties. Call us today at (510) 328-3230 to get started on your project!


Asphalt Paving Solutions

From new pavement installations to repairs, we are the professionals that can get the job done right. We use only premium materials and equipment in every job we do, so you can be assured that your parking lot and other asphalt properties will last for years to come. Call us today at (510) 328-3230 for a free estimate on any of our asphalt paving services! Or Contact us For Bay Area Projects

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